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In game name Aliases Minecraft version
Power power, arrowdamage, ARROW_DAMAGE 1.7 or newer
Flame flame, arrowfire, firearrow, ARROW_FIRE
Infinity infinity, arrowinfinite, infinitearrow, ARROW_INFINITE
Punch punch, arrowknockback, knockbackarrow, ARROW_KNOCKBACK
Sharpness sharpness, damageall, alldamage, dmg, DAMAGE_ALL
Bane of Arthropods baneofarthropods, damagearthropods, arthropodsdamage, DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS
Smite smite, damageundead, undeaddamage, DAMAGE_UNDEAD
Efficiency efficiency, digspeed, DIG_SPEED
Unbreaking unbreaking, durability, DURABILITY
Fire Aspect fireaspect, fire, FIRE_ASPECT
Knockback knockback, knock, KNOCKBACK
Fortune fortune, lootbonusblocks, blockslootbonus, lootbonusblock, LOOT_BONUS_BLOCKS
Looting looting, lootbonusmobs, mobslootbonus, lootbonusmob, LOOT_BONUS_MOBS
Respiration respiration, waterbreathing, breathing, OXYGEN
Protection protection, protectionenvironmental, protect, prot, PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL
Blast Protection blastprotection, protectionexplosions, explosionsprotection, expprotect, expprot, PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS
Feather Falling featherfalling, protectionfall, fallprotection, fallprotect, fallprot, PROTECTION_FALL
Fire Protection fireprotection, protectionfire, fireprotect, fireprot, PROTECTION_FIRE
Projectile Protection projectileprotection, protectionprojectile, projectileprotect, projectileprot, PROTECTION_PROJECTILE
Silk Touch silktouch, silk, SILK_TOUCH
Thorns thorns, thorn, THORNS
Aqua Affinity aquaaffinity, waterworker, WATER_WORKER
Luck of the Sea luckofthesea, luckofsea, LUCK
Lure lure, luring, LURE
Depth Strider depthstrider, striderdepth, DEPTH_STRIDER 1.8 or newer
Frost Walker frostwalker, frost, FROST_WALKER 1.9 or newer
Mending mending, mend, MENDING
Curse of Binding binding, curseofbinding, BINDING_CURSE 1.11 or newer
Curse of Vanishing vanishing, curseofvanishing, VANISHING_CURSE
Sweeping Edge sweeping, SWEEPING_EDGE
Loyalty loyalty, LOYALTY 1.13 or newer
Impaling impaling, IMPALING
Riptide riptide, RIPTIDE
Channeling channeling, CHANNELING
Multishot multishot, MULTISHOT 1.14 or newer
Quick Charge quickcharge, QUICK_CHARGE
Piercing piercing, PIERCING