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The Gangs+ plugin comes with lots of useful commands with multiple aliases. If you would like to have a new command added please contact us, we are open for new feature suggestions.

Command reference


/g or /gang Gang command aliases
/gc or /gchat or /gangchat Gang chat command aliases
/ac or /achat or /allychat Ally chat command aliases
/fight Fight command aliases
/ga or /gadmin or /gangadmin Admin command aliases

Commands list

Command root Command Description Required permission
/g help List of all gang-related commands gangsplus.gang.*
/g list List of all gangs gangsplus.gang.list
/g top Gangs leaderboard
/g info [gang] Specified gang's statistics
/g create <name> Create a new gang gangsplus.gang.create
/g disband Disband your gang gangsplus.gang.disband
/g invite <player> Invite specified player to your gang gangsplus.gang.invite
/g join <gang>
accept <gang>
Join specified gang gangsplus.gang.join
/g uninvite <player> Cancel player's invitation to your gang gangsplus.gang.uninvite
/g kick <player> Kick player out of your gang gangsplus.gang.kick
/g leave Leave your gang gangsplus.gang.leave
/g friendlyfire Toggle friendly fire in the gang gangsplus.gang.friendlyfire
/g levelup <player> Level up to higher gang level gangsplus.gang.levelup
/g promote <player> Promote specified player to higher rank gangsplus.gang.promote
/g demote <player> Demote specified player to lower rank gangsplus.gang.demote
/g leader <player> Give the gang leadership to specified player gangsplus.gang.leader
/g deposit <amount> Deposit money into your gang's bank account gangsplus.gang.deposit
/g withdraw <amount> Withdraw money from your gang's bank account gangsplus.gang.withdraw
/g listhomes List of all gang homes gangsplus.gang.listhomes
/g home [name] Teleport to specified gang home gangsplus.gang.home
/g sethome [name] Set specified gang home location gangsplus.gang.sethome
/g delhome [name] Delete specified gang home gangsplus.gang.delhome
/g player <player>
playerinfo <player>
Specified player's statistics gangsplus.gang.playerinfo
/g regroup <home name> Send message to online gang members to regroup at specified home gangsplus.gang.regroup
/g ally <gang> Send alliance request to specified gang
/g neutral <gang> Set relation with an ally to neutral gangsplus.gang.neutral
/gc on Toggle gang chat on gangsplus.gangchat gangsplus.gangchat
/gc off Toggle gang chat off
/gc <message> Send a single message on gang chat
/ac on Toggle ally chat on gangsplus.allychat gangsplus.allychat
/ac off Toggle ally chat off
/ac <message> Send a single message on ally chat
/fight challenge <players> <money> <gang> Challenge specified gang for a fight gangsplus.fight.challenge gangsplus.fight.*
/fight accept <gang> Accept fight challenge from specified gang gangsplus.fight.accept
/fight decline <gang> Decline fight challenge from specified gang gangsplus.fight.decline
/fight join Join the fight your gang takes part in gangsplus.fight.join
/fight leave Leave the fight your gang takes part in gangsplus.fight.leave
/ga disband <name> Disband specified gang gangsplus.gangadmin.disband gangsplus.gangadmin.*
/ga reload Disband specified gang gangsplus.gangadmin.reload
/ga socialspy [player] Toggle on gang chat social spy for specified player (or yourself if no name is given) gangsplus.gangadmin.socialspy

Additional permissions

Permission node Description
gangsplus.fightcommands Required to use specific commands set in the config during gang fight (useful for moderators/admins etc)
gangsplus.checkbalance Required to see other gangs bank account balance (when showGangBalanceToOthers in the config set to false)