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  1. Purchase and download the plugin
  2. Stop your server, put the .jar file in your server's /plugins/ directory
  3. Start the server, plugin will generate all necessary config files
  4. (optional) Fill in MySQL connection settings in config.yml
  5. Restart the server
  6. Done!


All configuration files are easy to edit. If any of them lacks a feature you wish to be added, please contact us.


Fight arenas configuration

  1. Open the arenas.yml config.
  2. Set the arena name in your config to whatever you want.
  3. Choose two opposite corners of the arena (players won't be able to leave it during the fight). I marked my corners with sea lanterns which will be destroyed later:

  4. Stand in the first corner and write down x, y and z values from the debug screen (toggle it with F3) to the corner1 section your config. Yaw and pitch don't matter for corners so just set it both to zeros. You can round the decimal part down/up to .0 or .5.

  5. Go to the second (opposite) corner and repeat it but save it in your config as corner2.

  6. Now we will add team spawns. Stand where you want the first gang to spawn and write down x, y,z, yaw and pitch (yaw and pitch are marked on the screenshot, first one is yaw and the second one is pitch) to spawn1 section in your config.

  7. Repeat it for the second spawn but save it as spawn2.

  8. We're done with arena configuration, the arena will be ready to use after you restart the server. Here is our final arenas config:

#Each arena has to be a different section with unique ID so you can just name them 1, 2, 3 etc. This ID won't be shown anywhere.
  #Arena's name
  name: "Example arena"
  #Two corners of arena, players won't be able to go behind them, yaw and pitch don't matter
  world: "world"
  x: 423
  y: 3
  z: 761
  yaw: 0
  pitch: 0
  world: "world"
  x: 433
  y: 6
  z: 784
  yaw: 0
  pitch: 0
  #Spawn of players from the first gang
  world: "world"
  x: 428.5
  y: 3
  z: 764.0
  yaw: 0
  pitch: 0
  #Spawn of players from the second gang
  world: "world"
  x: 428.5
  y: 3
  z: 781.5
  yaw: 180
  pitch: 0