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GangsPlus Logo

Gangs+ is an advanced high-quality gang system perfect for prison, GTA and even PVP servers with lots of customization options. This plugin requires UUID support (Spigot 1.7.10 or newer).



  • Create/disband gangs, invite/uninvite/kick players
  • Promote/demote players (there are 5 customizable ranks with different permissions in each gang)
  • Highly configurable permissions for each command
  • Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR (won/lost rate)
  • Togglable friendly fire (for both administator and each gang's leader)
  • Gang chat channel with togglable social spy for administrators
  • Gang bank account
  • Alliances with PVP support and ally chat
  • Multiple homes (home, listhomes, delhome, sethome) - can be disabled in config
  • Chat-based leaderboard (top 10 with highest KDR and WLR)
  • Homes, gang chat and fights modules can be easily disabled in config
  • Customizable chat prefixes, max members amount, max homes amount (different for each gang level)
  • Fights - configure multiple fight arenas, challenge other gangs, bet and win/lose money
  • Prevent players from using certain commands during gang fight
  • Chat formatting plugins support - {GANG} will be replaced with player's gang name. There are also available placeholders in the DeluxeChat plugin.
  • Reward players for upgrading the gang to higher level
  • Notifications can be broadcasted using 1.8 titles
  • 100% customizable messages
  • MySQL/SQLite support
  • CombatTag/CombatTag Reloaded/CombatLog/CombatTagPlus support
  • Simple API


  • Spigot 1.7.10 or newer
  • Vault 1.4.1 or newer
  • (optional) MySQL database


This plugin comes with a simple API:

package net.brcdev.gangs;

import org.bukkit.entity.Player;

import net.brcdev.gangs.objects.Gang;

public class GangsPlusAPI {

     * Checks if player is in a gang
     * @param p Player to check
     * @return If player is in a gang
    public static boolean isInGang(Player p) {
        return GangsPlugin.getInstance().gangManager.isInGang(p);

     * Returns player's gang
     * @param p Player to check
     * @return Player's gang or null
    public static Gang getPlayersGang(Player p) {
        return GangsPlugin.getInstance().gangManager.getPlayersGang(p);