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This page contains only names used since Spigot 1.14.

Material names for other version can be found here:

Item IDs (1.13)

Item IDs (1.7-1.12)

Stone types

Item name Material Data value
Granite GRANITE 0
Polished Granite POLISHED_GRANITE 0
Diorite DIORITE 0
Polished Diorite POLISHED_DIORITE 0
Andesite ANDESITE 0
Polished Andesite POLISHED_ANDESITE 0

Stone brick types

Item name Material Data value
Stone brick STONE_BRICKS 0
Mossy stone brick MOSSY_STONE_BRICKS 0
Cracked stone brick CRACKED_STONE_BRICKS 0
Chiseled stone brick CHISELED_STONE_BRICKS 0

Wood types

Item name Material Data value
Oak Wood OAK_WOOD 0
Spruce Wood SPRUCE_WOOD 0
Birch Wood BIRCH_WOOD 0
Jungle Wood JUNGLE_WOOD 0
Acacia Wood ACACIA_WOOD 0
Dark Oak Wood DARK_OAK_WOOD 0


Item name Material Data value
Oak Sapling OAK_SAPLING 0
Spruce Sapling SPRUCE_SAPLING 0
Birch Sapling BIRCH_SAPLING 0
Jungle Sapling JUNGLE_SAPLING 0
Acacia Sapling ACACIA_SAPLING 0
Dark Oak Sapling DARK_OAK_SAPLING 0


Item name Material Data value
Ink Sac INK_SAC 0
Rose Red RED_DYE 0
Cactus Green GREEN_DYE 0
Cocoa Beans COCOA_BEANS 0
Lapis Lazuli LAPIS_LAZULI 0
Purple Dye PURPLE_DYE 0
Cyan Dye CYAN_DYE 0
Light Gray Dye LIGHT_GRAY_DYE 0
Gray Dye GRAY_DYE 0
Pink Dye PINK_DYE 0
Lime Dye LIME_DYE 0
Dandelion Yellow YELLOW_DYE 0
Light Blue Dye LIGHT_BLUE_DYE 0
Magenta Dye MAGENTA_DYE 0
Orange Dye ORANGE_DYE 0
Bone Meal BONE_MEAL 0

Fish types

Item name Material Data value
Cooked Cod / Cooked Fish COOKED_COD 0
Cooked Salmon COOKED_SALMON 0
Raw Cod / Raw Fish COD 0
Raw Salmon SALMON 0
Tropical Fish / Clownfish TROPICAL_FISH 0
Pufferfish PUFFERFISH 0


Item name Material Data value
Dandelion DANDELION 0
Poppy POPPY 0
Blue Orchid BLUE_ORCHID 0
Allium ALLIUM 0
Azure Bluet AZURE_BLUET 0
Red Tulip RED_TULIP 0
Orange Tulip ORANGE_TULIP 0
White Tulip WHITE_TULIP 0
Pink Tulip PINK_TULIP 0
Oxeye Daisy OXEYE_DAISY 0
Lilac LILAC 0
Double Tallgrass TALL_GRASS 0
Large Fern LARGE_FERN 0
Rose Bush ROSE_BUSH 0
Peony PEONY 0

Mob Spawning Eggs

Item name Material Data value
Bat Spawn Egg bat_spawn_egg 0
Blaze Spawn Egg blaze_spawn_egg 0
Cave Spider Spawn Egg cave_spider_spawn_egg 0
Chicken Spawn Egg chicken_spawn_egg 0
Cod Spawn Egg cod_spawn_egg 0
Cow Spawn Egg cow_spawn_egg 0
Creeper Spawn Egg creeper_spawn_egg 0
Dolphin Spawn Egg dolphin_spawn_egg 0
Donkey Spawn Egg donkey_spawn_egg 0
Drowned Spawn Egg drowned_spawn_egg 0
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg elder_guardian_spawn_egg 0
Enderman Spawn Egg enderman_spawn_egg 0
Endermite Spawn Egg endermite_spawn_egg 0
Evoker Spawn Egg evoker_spawn_egg 0
Ghast Spawn Egg ghast_spawn_egg 0
Guardian Spawn Egg guardian_spawn_egg 0
Horse Spawn Egg horse_spawn_egg 0
Husk Spawn Egg husk_spawn_egg 0
Llama Spawn Egg llama_spawn_egg 0
Magma Cube Spawn Egg magma_cube_spawn_egg 0
Mooshroom Spawn Egg mooshroom_spawn_egg 0
Mule Spawn Egg mule_spawn_egg 0
Ocelot Spawn Egg ocelot_spawn_egg 0
Parrot Spawn Egg parrot_spawn_egg 0
Spawn Egg phantom _spawn_egg 0
Pig Spawn Egg pig_spawn_egg 0
Polar Bear Spawn Egg polar_bear_spawn_egg 0
Pufferfish Spawn Egg pufferfish_spawn_egg 0
Rabbit Spawn Egg rabbit_spawn_egg 0
Salmon Spawn Egg salmon_spawn_egg 0
Sheep Spawn Egg sheep_spawn_egg 0
Shulker Spawn Egg shulker_spawn_egg 0
Silverfish Spawn Egg silverfish_spawn_egg 0
Skeleton Spawn Egg skeleton_spawn_egg 0
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg skeleton_horse_spawn_egg 0
Slime Spawn Egg slime_spawn_egg 0
Spider Spawn Egg spider_spawn_egg 0
Squid Spawn Egg squid_spawn_egg 0
Stray Spawn Egg stray_spawn_egg 0
Tropical Fish Spawn Egg tropical_fish_spawn_egg 0
Turtle Spawn Egg turtle_spawn_egg 0
Vex Spawn Egg vex_spawn_egg 0
Villager Spawn Egg villager_spawn_egg 0
Vindicator Spawn Egg vindicator_spawn_egg 0
Witch Spawn Egg witch_spawn_egg 0
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg wither_skeleton_spawn_egg 0
Wolf Spawn Egg wolf_spawn_egg 0
Zombie Spawn Egg zombie_spawn_egg 0
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg zombie_horse_spawn_egg 0
Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg zombie_pigman_spawn_egg 0
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg zombie_villager_spawn_egg 0


Item name Material Data value
Repeater REPEATER 0
Redstone Torch REDSTONE_TORCH 0
Nether Wart NETHER_WART 0
Cooked Porkchop COOKED_PORKCHOP 0
Enchanted Golden Apple (Gapple) ENCHANTED_GOLDEN_APPLE 0

You don't have to set the data value in the config when it's 0 (it's the default value). If you still can't find an item it means it has more a more obvious name and you can find it here.